Backup-Dvd: a simple script to backup your Linux machine on a DVD

Here is my very little piece of code that I use on my Debian GNU/Linux machine to backup the entire system on a Rewritable DVD.

It is manily used as a cron Job.

It logs operations in /var/log/backup.log

Remember that it cannot be run as sudo. It must be run directly as root.


backup-dvd 1.0.0-19
backup-dvd [-d] [-t] [-h] [-v]
-d = Debug mode, runs verbosely
-t = Test mode (backup /usr/lib for testing, do not delete logs)
-k = Keep temporary archive
-h = Show this help and exits
-v = show version and exits
Download it manually, and install it directly running:

sudo dpkg -i backup-dvd_1.0.0-19_all.deb


6 pensieri su “Backup-Dvd: a simple script to backup your Linux machine on a DVD

  1. Newbie here…I’m am running Ubuntu 7.10 how do you start the program ?


  2. I setup backup-DVD, created a backup and all, now the program seems to try and run on its own daily, without my initiating anything. How can I halt this? Is the program supposed to auto-backup on its own?

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