Backup-Dvd: a simple script to backup your Linux machine on a DVD

Here is my very little piece of code that I use on my Debian GNU/Linux machine to backup the entire system on a Rewritable DVD.

It is manily used as a cron Job.

It logs operations in /var/log/backup.log

Remember that it cannot be run as sudo. It must be run directly as root.


backup-dvd 1.0.0-19
backup-dvd [-d] [-t] [-h] [-v]
-d = Debug mode, runs verbosely
-t = Test mode (backup /usr/lib for testing, do not delete logs)
-k = Keep temporary archive
-h = Show this help and exits
-v = show version and exits
Download it manually, and install it directly running:

sudo dpkg -i backup-dvd_1.0.0-19_all.deb


We are Micro$oft free

E’ arrivato il notebook nuovo (HP 6510b, built to order), con ordinato con Freedos (140 euri in meno, dato che Svista non mi interessa…)
Volevo installarci prima XP, per usare l’HSDPA, ma ha detto “Cippa, periferica di massa non presente”.
Allora ho installato Ubuntu: vadadio 😉
Questo è il risultato dopo sue settimane:

We are Micro$oft free

P.S: Compiz è una figata !